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Autoseal MS 55 cordoni

Product variant for

AUTOSEAL MS 55 CORDONI is specially designed for the motor‐industry to restore the sealing and bonding in their original state. Protects against mechanical damages and damages by corrosion. Reduces the transference of sound in case of acoustic vibrations.

  • Can directly be applied, as well as a thin stroke and as a larger stroke.
  • Possibility of working up.
  • Contains no isocyanides and silicone.
  • Contains less then 7% of odourless aliphatic solvents.
  • Very tolerant with the usual autorepair‐enamels.
  • Direct (wet on wet) sprayable with a coating.
  • Very good adhesion with metals, primers and enamels.
  • Fast curing.

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Density: 1532 kg/m3
Consistency: Pasty
Curing (230C and 50% R.H.) : 3,0 mm in 24 hours
Skinning time: Within 10/15 min.
Elongation at break:
1) 250%
2)  E‐module at 100%, MPa : 1,7
3) Hardness, Shore A 40,

1) Measured to DIN 53504
2) Measured to DIN 53505
Temperature resistance : -40°C. till +100 °C.

Mechanical resistance : Good.
Chemical Resistance: Fair.
Dirt attachment: Hardly non.
Discolouring: None.
Colour: Grey, beige
Shelf life: In good closed original packing, stored
on a cool and dry place, between +50°C. and
+250 °C; till 12 months after production date.
Safety measures: consult the Safety Data Sheet.

  • Surface (bonding substrate)
  • On dry, clean and free of dust, grease and loose particles, substrates a good adhesion can be achieved on paint systems, glass, plastics, metals. Due to the large diversity of surfaces, testing is advisable.
  • General safety aspects: Avoid prolonged contact with skin. Direct contact with food should be avoided as long as the sealant has not cured. In the event non‐cured AUTOSEAL gets into the eyes, flush with water and consult a doctor.
  • Surface temperature :
    Between +5 °C till +60°C.
  • Application temperature :
    Between +5°C till +40°C.
  • Paintability: Paintable with the most usual autorepair‐enamels. It is recommended to test the adhesion and compatibility first.
  • Cleaning:
    Material : Immediately after application with Safety Clean
    Hands : With hand cleaner and/or water and soap.