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Autoseal MS

Product variant for

AUTOSEAL MS is a sealant based on MS polymer
with high adhesive power.
AUTOSEAL MS can be applied both in thin and thicker layers: both can be refined with a brush, restoring the sealing in their original state.; it can be also sprayed.
AUTOSEAL MS contains less than 7% of aliphatic
solvents; it is quite odorless.

  • Sealant for metal plates based on MS Polymers
  • Excellent adhesive power – sprayable
  • It contains no silicon and isocyanides
  • Paintable with the most of the enamels
  • It is possible to restore the sealing and bonding in their original state
  • Fast polymerization
  • Direct paintable
  • The open cartridge keeps for a long time

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At 23°C / 50% R.H.
Base: MS Polymer
Colour: Grey, Beige
Consistency: sprayable
Density: 1,540kg/m3
Curing (23°C / 50% R.H.):
3 mm in 24 hours, 5mm in 48 hours.

Skinning time: 15 min
E-modulo 100% Mpa: 0,85
Temperature resistance: -40°C to +90°C
Mechanical resistance: 125 Nw
Elongation at break: >250%
Hardness (Shore A):  40

  • AUTOSEAL MS has been designed to restore all the sealing of the metal plates in the automotive industry.
  • AUTOSEAL MS is suitable to seal inside the engine compartment, along the edge of the bonnet, in the doors, inside the luggage compartment, in the wheels etc…  The product ensures a perfect holding  because of its adhesive and elastic power; it reduces vibrations and noises. Soundproofing and anticorrosive.
  • The product can be applied on different kind of surfaces besides the metallic ones, in fact it adheres also on different synthetic materials, glass and plexi. It
  • slightly adheres on PP, PE, PPE PTFE
    USE: the product must be applied on clean, degreased and dry surfaces.