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Air Spray

AIRSPRAY is a unique and universal high pressure system in aerosol packing. Pure and dry air with a liquid propellant. AIRSPRAY can be used as cooler and also as cleaner and dryer. Portable flexibility in one, easy to use.  Turning the can upside down, AIRSPRAY can be used as a freezing spray.

  • 3,5 bar high pressure blower and extreme freezer
  • Removes dust and particles from components and surfaces
  • Drying of components and surfaces without leaving residue
  • Without oxygen, water, solvent!
  • Freezing capacity of -35° when used upside down
  • Very high cold shrinkage, cracking of connections
  • Ideal for adjustments and assembly work
  • Locating defective sensors, circuit boards, electronic compounds, smoke detectors, bimetals, temperature
  • Regulation…
  • Removes  chewing gum from leather, carpets, furniture, jeans, dresses
T900017Air Spray400ml

Purity: 99,95%
Pressure: 3,5 bar/ 20°
Cooling: up to -35°
Productivity: up to 100 l/  uncompressed

Packaging: Aerosol 400 ml
Shelf life: 12 month
Safety measures: Consult the Safety Data Sheet

  • Simplifies (de-)mounting of pins, bolts, nuts, couplings, wirings, nipples, broken bolts, ... by cold-shrink
  • Safe de dusting, cleaning and drying of printed circuit boards, electronic components anddevices, fine  mechanics, office machines, computers and key-boards, sensitive surfaces, lacquers and synthetic materials
  • Traces quickly defects of temperature sensors, bimetal, printed circuit-boards, sensors, heat regulators, thermostate, ... by cooling effect control
  • Removing dust from electronic appliances and electrical contacts
  • Drying components
  • Cleaning computer and other keyboards
  • Cleaning printed circuits and rheostats
  • Cleaning lenses, cameras, projectors
  • Removing paper dust and powder ink in photocopiers and printers
  • Cooling off temperature sensors and bimetal contacts
  • Shrinking small metal components before mounting
  • Cleaning smoke detectors and fans
  • Removing  of chewing  gum from leather, carpets, furniture, jeans, dresses…  - Please test first!
  • Use: Shake  well, turn the can upside down and spray from a distance of 20-25 cm. The temperature depends on the duration of the spraying time!
  • With AIRSRAY you can reach a cooling temperature up to -35°C