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White Supreme Grease

WHITE SUPREME GREASE is a multi-purpose heavy-duty lubricant, based on calcium. It is easy to use, the spray can deliver an even coverage, prevents waste and contamination. WHITE SUPREME GREASE has a high penetrating capacity. The product flows out as a thin oil which then becomes a grease. The premium quality gives a superior film strength and very high water and temperature resistance.

  • Unique 360° jet spray. Can be applied at any angle.
  • Good penetrating characteristics.
  • Reduces friction and wear to a minimum.
  • Cannot be rinsed away, not even with hot water.
  • Does not dry out, does not harden.
  • Prevents corrosion.
  • Excellent for high and low temperature applications. (between -35°C and +185°C)
  • Contains no acids.
  • Safe on plastics and rubber.
  • Excellent for hard to reach areas, subject to heat and moisture.
N231111White Supreme Grease400ml

Appearance: white grease in aerosol.
Base: calcium.
Specific weight at 20°C: 1.120 g/cm³ DIN51757.
Flow temperature: 185°C.
Solidification temperature: -35°C.
4 Ball test DIN 51350: 300-320 kg.
Water resistance DIN 51807 at +90°C: total.

Shelf life: 12 months, keep dry, cool and frost-proof.
Safety measures: consult the Safety Data Sheet.

  • WHITE SUPREME GREASE is especially adapted for use on:
  • hinges
  • window-slides
  • lock mechanismus
  • machine parts and chains
  • clutch and gas regulators, rev. counters and speedometer cables, driving chains, gearings, pedals, ball-bearings, bicycle gears, ...
  • everywhere where the exposure to heat, water or dampness is frequent
  • for ventilators, gears, bearings, conveyors, ....
  • CARS:
  • window-slides, locks, hinges, windscreen wipers and wiper motors, clutches, brakes, gas regulators, heater cocks, wheel bearings, water pumps, generator bearings, ...