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Top Plast

TOP PLAST is an extremely strong two component polyurethane based adhesive, that is specially designed for a fast and structural bonding and repair. TOP PLAST bonds a wide range of materials as thermosetting and thermoplastic materials, steel, aluminium, concrete, wood and glass. TOP PLAST cures at room temperature, is odourless and thixotropic. TOP PLAST is your solution for all reparations on parts that have been through away until now.

  • Fast curing
  • The drying process starts after 45 seconds
  • Sanding after 15 minutes
  • Room temperature curing
  • Resists: Motor oil, Paraffin, Acetic Acid, Petrol, water , solvents, temperatures up to 100°C
  • High filling  properties
  • Bonds various materials
  • Non-shrinking properties
  • Ideal grinding till zero
  • Repair and assamble with one product
  • Stays elastic up to 25 %
  • Over paintable
T910201Top Plast black 30 sec.50 ml
T910202Top Plast black 1,5 min.50 ml
T910203Top Plast black 3,5 min.50 ml
T911350Applicator 50 ml 1:1 / 2:1 / 10:11 pc.
Y911302Mixer Tip 50 ml trans.10 pcs
Y911312Mixer Tip 50 ml trans fine dosage10 pcs
Y911600Reinforcement Tissue 12x360cm1pc.
Y911601Contouring Tissue 12x360cm1pc.

Colour:  black, clear, grey
Component A:  Polyol
Component B:  MDI
Mixed:  Polyurethane
Flashpoint: > 200 °C
Consistency: Pasty
Elongation: max. 15 %
Hardness: Shore 80

Tensile strength: 23 N/mm2
Resistivity: 1,2x10(15) Ωxcm
Temp. Resistance: -40°C until +100°C
Application Temp.: +5°C to +30°C
Fully loadable:  After 30 min.
Shrinking rate: Lower than 1%
Shelf life: 18 month (between +10°C and +25°C)

  • Repair of hard and flexible plastic (fibre filled or not), wood, metal and aluminium, make install from, plates, letters, repair in industrial electronics , mechanics, indoor and outdoor maintenance, repair of damaged inner thread – broken bolts. Fastening of dowels in big holes and use TOP PLAST instead of dowels (screw is applied in TOP PLAST)
  • For fast bonding of broken plastic and metal parts. Different brackets on bumpers, covers, plastic tanks, headlamps rear lights and windows mechanism. Trimming and tuning parts, repairs of damaged holes and screws…
  • The parts must be cleaned free of grease and have to be dried completely
  • For better results the parts have to be sanded  before clueing
  • Application temperature +5°C to +30°C
  • Use the clue only with the standard mixing nozzles.
  • 1) Take care that all necessary equipment is available at you work place.
  • 2) Clean parts to be glued with Safety Clean/Multifoam
  • 3) Sand or roughen parts, clean again with Safety Clean/Multifoam and wait about 5 min. that cleaners can evaporate
  • 4) For difficult applications use a primer
  • 5) Apply TOP PLAST cartridge in your 2K gun, open the cartridge and press out some product without mixer tip, to check if both components come out the openings
  • 6) Apply Mixer tip, press 2K gun and apply TOP PLAST. Fit parts together immediately
  • 7) After 15 min you can continue process the glued parts.
  • 8) You can leave the mixer tip on the cartridge, this will avoid curing of the remaining content in the cartridge