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Tire Renewer

TIRE RENEWER has been specially developed to feed and protect new and used tyres. TIRE RENEWER is highly water repellent and protects rubber tyres against discolouring, tears and staining. TIRE RENEWER renews rubbers thanks to its pure, colourless quality resin. TIRE RENEWER does not contain any disruptive colour pigments, with the result that it does not leave any stains on nearby materials and surfaces. TIRE RENEWER has been specially developed for vulcanised natural rubbers.

  • Feeds and renews all tyres.
  • Increases life span.
  • Produces an even, satin effect.
  • Makes tyres dirt and water resistant.
  • Pleasant odour.
N485201Tire Renewer400ml

Colour: transparent.
Odour: pleasant.
Protects and renews: car and motorcycle tyres, natural rubbers, synthetic polymers, polyester, PVC etc.
Propellant: propane/butane.
Protects against: UV light, dirt, water
Shelf life: 12 months, keep dry, cool and frost-proof.
Safety measures: consult the Safety Data Sheet.

  • bring TIRE RENEWER to room temperature before use
  • can be used in both the car and motorcycle sectors
  • protects tyres against discolouring and tears.
  • protects all tyres against splashes of rain
  • gives rubber tyres on both new showroom cars and second-hand cars an attractive appearance