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Tire Grease

TIRE GREASE is a high-tech sprayable grease for mounting and dismounting of tyres.
TIRE GREASE is packed in a practical spray can which excludes product pollution and formation of bacteria.
The practical aerosol ensures that you do not need a brush anymore to apply the grease and it also prevents hardened grease pots.
TIRE GREASE can be used safely on steel, aluminium, rims and does not affect rubber.
TIRE GREASE simplifies the dismounting of refractory tyres.
TIRE GREASE dries quickly and prevents slipage of the tyre in the rim.

  • Practical spray can, which excludes product pollution and formation of bacteria.
  • Necessary for the latest tyre technology such as low tread, PAX, ...
  • Simplifies dismounting and mounting.
  • Pleasant fragrance and does not dry out.
  • Does not affect aluminium, metal or rubber.
  • Can be used for ALL tyres.
Article nrNameContent
N233981Tire Grease400ml

Fusion point: 0°C.
Boilig point: 100°C - 221°C.
pH-value: 8.
Appearance: fluid.
Flashpoint: 70°C.

Spontaneous ignition: 255°C.
Colour: transparent-white.
Shelf life: 12 months, keep dry, cool and frost-proof.
Safety measures: consult the Safety Data Sheet.

  • high technological lubricant for the mounting of tyres, rubber hoses, rubber-metal elements, ...