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Thermoflux Yellow/Green

THERMOFLUX YELLOW/GREEN is a flexible, flame
retardant tubing, designed to indicate earthing and to apply permanent markings to wires and cables.
THERMOFLUX YELLOW/GREEN has a very good temperature resistance. With peaks up to 300°C.
THERMOFLUX YELLOW/GREEN has a high disruptive strength of 20 MV/m.
THERMOFLUX YELLOW/GREEN has a good chemical resistance to most fluids and solvents.

  • Flame retardant.
  • Good temperature resistance (+300°C).
  • Very good chemical resistance.
  • Has a high disruptive strength 20 Mv/m.
  • Quick, easy and safe to use.
Article nrNameContent
N806412Thermoflux Yellow/Green 2010 12,7/6,35mm1pc.
N824110Thermoflux Yellow/Green 3,0mm/1,5mm1 pc.
N824120Thermoflux Yellow/Green 6mm/3mm1 pc.
N824130Thermoflux Yellow/Green 8mm/4mm1 pc.
N824160Thermoflux Yellow/Green 19mm/8,5mm1 pc.
N824170Thermoflux Yellow/Green 26mm/13mm1 pc.
N824180Thermoflux Yellow/Green 38mm/19mm1 pc.

Temperature resistance: -55 + 150°C.
Shrink temperature: 120°C.
Krimpverhouding: 2/1.
Tensile strength: 7 MPa.
Ultimate elongation ISO 37: 200%.
Flexibility: flexible.

Dielectric strength IEC 243: 20 MV/m.
Flame retardancy ASTM D 876,UL 224.
Fluid resistance ISO 37 immersion 24h at 23°C:
lubricating oil ISO 1817: fluid 101
Esters ISO 1817: fluid 103.

  • indication of earthing on wires, cables, rods and slats, ...
  • protection of cables and components