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Thermoflux MPM

THERMOFLUX MPM is a semi-flexible, heat
shrinkable tubing with an integrally bonded
meltable sealer inner lining designed to provide
permanent moisture-proof encapsulation for a wide
range of applications. The inner wall melts when
heated and is forced into interstices by the shrinking of the outer wall, so that when cooled, the substrate is encapsulated by a tough protective, moisture-proof barrier. An operating range for -60°C up to 145°C and a shrink ratio of 3/1 as standard means that the tubing offers superior environmental protection to a wide range of irregular shapes with different dimensions.

  • Consists of two layers.
  • Outside layer shrinks - inside melts and seals making it perfectly waterproof.
  • Excellent bonding and sealing characteristics.
  • Moulds to most irregular shapes.
  • Easy to apply with gas torch or hot air gun.
  • Excellent resistance to chemicals, acids and alkalines.
  • Flame retardant - resists UV-light.
Article nrNameContent
N810250Thermoflux MPM 25mm/8mm1pc.
N810370Thermoflux MPM 35mm/12mm1pc.
N810500Thermoflux MPM 50mm/16mm1pc.
N810700Thermoflux MPM 75mm/22mm1pc.
N810900Thermoflux MPM 95mm/29mm1pc.
N811150Thermoflux MPM 115mm/134mm1pc.

Operting temperature: -60 + 145°C.
Shrink temperature: 135°C.
Shrink ratio: 3/1.
Tensile strenght ISO 37: 18.6 MPa.
Ultimate elongation ISO 37: 400%.
Flexibility: semi-flexible.
Dielectric strength I EC 243:14 MV/m (VDE 0303 P12).
Flame retardancy ASTM D 876, ASTM D 2871:

Inner wall: no. Outer wall: yes.
Fluid resistance ISO 18117 and ISO 37 immersion 24h at 23°C:
hydraulic fluid: good
aviation fuel F40: good
lubrication oil 0-149: good
Diesel fuel F54: good.
Electrical resistance: 10¹⁶Ohm/cm.

  • THERMOFLUX MPM can be used on all electrical applications (cables, cables splycing, connections) to insulate, to protect and to seal. Can be used for applications in contact with chemicals or earth alcalines. Protects metal tubing against corrosion and wear.