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Thermoflux Clear

THERMOFLUX CLEAR is a clear, flexible, heat shrinkable dual wall tubing with an integrally bonded meltable adhesive inner liner, designed to offer permanent moisture-proof insulation to a wide variety of substrates. THERMOFLUX CLEAR offers excellent clarity for protection of substrates that may need inspection during service. While it has a high glossy finish, the tough outer packet gives excellent mechanical strength with a high resistance to splitting. The high shrinking ratio means that only five sizes are needed to give protection to a full range of irregular shapes with widely varying applications.

  • Consists of two layers.
  • Outside layer shrinks - inside layer of adhesive melts.
  • Makes a strong and waterproof connection.
  • Moulds itself to any shape.
  • Remains flexible.
  • Stays clear - resistant to UV light.
  • Transparency makes it possible to check connections.

Operating temperature: -55 + 150°C.
Shrink temperature: 125°C.
Shrink ratio: 3/1.
Tensile strength ISO 37: 11.5 MPa.
Ultimate elongation ISO 37: 490%.
Flexibility: flexible.
Dielectric strength IEC 243:
12 MV/m (VDE 0303 P12).

Flame retardancy ASTM D 876, ASTM D 2671:
Inner wall: no. Outer wall: no.
Fluid resistance ISO 18117 and ISO 37 immersion 24h at 23°C:
hydraulic fluid: good, aviation fuel F40: good
lubrication oil 0-149: good
Diesel fuel F54: good
Volume resistivity ASTM D 257:
1 x 1013 Ohm/cm (VDE 0303 P13).

  • environmental protection for a wide variety of electrical and electronic components, including wire splits and harness breakouts
  • transparent insulation of connections and components who need to be checked for service
  • all connection and component coverings can be used on all electrical applications (cables - cables splycing, connections) to insulate, to protect and to seal. Can be used for applications in contact with chemicals. Is not resistant to earth alcalines. Protects metal tubing against corrosion and wear