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Techno Screen ‐ MS

TECHNO SCREEN is an isocyanate-free, permanent flexible, moisture cured 1-component  Sealant based on MS polymer  especially designed for Windows screen application  with a high degree of strength, which polymerizes rapidly under the effect of atmospheric moisture. It respects even the strictest Health & Safety rules because it is environmentally friendly. Euro NCAP Certification PSI-11-0160-009.(Euro Ncap frontal  impact sled test).

  • Excellent adhesion without primer!
  • Solvents, isocyanate and silicone free!
  • Long shelf life – even after opening!
  • Easy to remove from your hands!
  • Environmentally friendly!
  • Odorless
  • Based on MS Polymer
Article nrNameContent
T570101Techno Screen MS290ml
T570102Techno Screen MS600ml
T570103Techno Screen MS400ml
T570104Techno Screen Primer250ml

Chemical base: 1-K Modified Silane Polymer
(MS Polymer)
Colour:  Black
Consistency: Pasteus, very good steadfastness
Shore Hardness (A)
– DIN53505 at +23°C / 50% rH:  
Shore A57 (Thickness 6mm after 4 weeks)
Working temperature: from +5°C to +35°C
Temperature resistance: from -40°C to +90°C
Potlife at +23°C / 50% rH: < 15 Min.
Tack free time at +23°C / 50% rH: 15 Min.
Full through cure – DIN 50014
at +23°C / 50%rF: 3mm / 24 Std.
“Drive away time”: 1 hour
Change of weight – DIN50014: 1% 14 days
Green strength: 600 Pa, electrical current
measure MC100
Brake elongation – DIN 53504: 2,7 MPa
Pull Strenght – DIN 53504: 1,7 MPa
Lap Shear Strenght – DIN 5328: 2,5 MPa
Tear Propagation Strenght – DIN 53515: 16N/mm²
Torsion stiffness: 1,92 MPa (using a Poission ratio
of 0,43)
Elongation – DIN53283:  180%
Module at 100% Elongation - DIN53504 S2
at 7 Days/ +23°C / 50%r:  2,3 MPa
Electrical volume resistivity: 10ˆ11 Ohm cm
Shelf life at 4-22°C / 50% rH: 12 Months. 
Keep cool and dry. Keep away from direct sunlight.

  • TECHNO SCREEN  has been specially designed for bonding of fixed glass in automotive repair. It Allows a drive away time of 1 hour* in vehicles with or without airbag.
  • *Providing the ambient temperature is at least 23°C and relative humidity 50%. At lower temperatures and humidities drive away time will be longer.
  • GLASS PREPARATION: (New screen) Ensure that the surface of the glass is clean and dry. Use a clean dry cotton cloth, wet it, rub the surface of the glass to be treated, leaving a very thin film. Then clean the surface using Multifoam with a dry and clean cloth and allow to dry to a minimum of 3 minutes, the surface must be covered by the sealant within 30 minutes.