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Supersolder Flux

SUPERSOLDER FLUX is a liquid that connects solder aluminium with supersOlder at low temperature. Due to its low melting temperature, SUPERSOLDER  is easy to use, and it will not deform the base material.

  • 5 times stronger than normal soft solders (14,5 kg/mm²).
  • Bonds all types of metals, even aluminium, when using Supersolder Flux.
  • Excellent on stainless steel.
  • Very low bonding temperature (221°C). - Prevents deforming of base material.
  • Non-toxic - contains no lead, cadmium, zinc, antimony or copper.
  • 50% harder than normal solders.
  • Easy to handle - does not drop.
  • Stays shiny - does not corrode.
  • 25% better electrical conductivity than normal soft solders.
  • Resists vibrations.
  • Supersolder Flux is only required for aluminium and light alloys.
Article nrNameContent
N373150Supersolder Flux50g

Appearance (at 20°C): liquid.
Odour: characteristic.
Colour: variable in colour, depending on the composition.
Boiling point/boiling range: 134°C.
Flashpoint: 135°C.
Explosion limits: 1.6-10vol% (°C).

Relative density (at 20°C): 1.2.
Water solubility: soluble.
Relative vapour density: > 2.
Auto-ignition point: 305°C.

  • Warm up the piece of aluminium evenly with a welding torch or a hot air gun. Make sure that the piece stays at temperature, either by insulating it maximally between the jaws of a bench-vise, or by placing it on fireproof bricks. Larger pieces have to be insulated by means of a heat-proof paste.
  • When sufficient temperature has been obtained, the flux can be applied on the surface of the build-up or ajoint to be made. The flux will start boiling and will flow at that moment.
  • Keep on warming up the piece evenly and avoid direct contact between the source of heat and the flux.
  • Dip the Supersolder wire in the flux and bring it in contact with the piece of aluminium or the joint. Always avoid direct contact with the source of heat. When the required temperature has been obtained, SUPERSOLDER will melt and adhere to the piece of aluminium with excellent cappillarity. When necessary, add some extra flux from time to time.
  • When the repair, the build-up or the joint is ready, let the piece cool off for about 30 seconds without moving it, so that SUPERSOLDER can solidify.
  • Rinse the piece with water and remove all remainders of the flux with a metal brush.