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SUPER-STRIPPER is a dichloromethane, dichloropropane and nitrite free immersion cleaner that removes all contaminats, especially paints, polymers, adhesives and silicone deposits.          SUPER-STRIPPER includes an inhibitor that covers all metals with a protective film.

  • Dichloromethane, Dichlorpropan Nitrit free
  • Does not need to be heated, acts also with low temperature conditions
  • Dissolves paint, greases and sticky residues
  • Acts motionless
  • Must not be shaken or stirred
  • Ready for use in plastic tanks, as well as metallic tanks
  • Contains Metal inhibitor
  • Non-flammable

Appearance: liquid
Colour: colourless
Odour:  characteristic
Boiling point: 100°C
Ignition temperature: 220°C
pH-Value (at 20°C): 8,5 +/- 1
Density (at 20°C): 0,98 g/cm³
Flash point: 66°C
Solubility in water: fully miscible
Shelf life: 24 months, store frost free
Safety measures: Consult the safety data sheet


  • Attention:
  • Because of the variety of synthetic materials check them continuously, that gaskets do not begin to dissolve. In this case, remove immediately the parts from the tank and rinse them with water! Risk of explosion on contact with: aluminium and metal powders. It may react dangerously with: alkaline metals, alkaline earth metals, sodium amides. It develops heat in presence of aluminium, strong oxidising agents, strong reducing agents, hydrochloric acid. It forms explosive mixtures with the air. Use this product according to good working practices.
  • Be careful on painted surfaces (e.g. car paint), because of the soving power.
  • To be sure the product does not harm the surface, test before on a spot which is not in direct sight.
  • Use:    
  • Plunge the parts into the active part and let it act for few minutes up to more hours
  • Lift up the parts slowly carefully and let the liquid drain off well.
  • Rinse it carefully by water jet or rinsing water.
  • Close Bulk after use to reduce evaporation!
  • Applications:
  • Stripping off  and cleaning of spray guns, carburettors, injection pumps, spray nozzles, different types of painting of and work equipment, clockworks, machine parts, mechanical parts, ball bearings without attacking or damaging light alloys such as aluminium, copper, brass, chrome, nickel-plantings or galvanic treatments.