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Strip Off

STRIP OFF is a quick and efficient stripper that avoids the need for sanding, brushing and cutting away. Due to its effective composition, STRIP OFF removes paint, varnish, glue, tar, carbon deposits, packaging, etc. Because STRIP OFF does not drip, it can be applied sparsely and economically on vertical surfaces.

  • No need for sanding, brushing and cutting away.
  • Removes paint, varnish, glue, tar, carbon deposits, sealings, ...
  • Works fast and safe - easy to use.
  • Safe on metal, wood, pavement, stone and glass.
  • Does not drip.
N495001Strip Off400ml
N495005Strip Off Adhesive Remover5l

Appearance (at 20°C): aerosol.
Odour: characteristic.
Colour: Colourless.
Relative density (at 20°C): 0,767 g/l.
VOC content: 97,2 %.
VOC content: 746,3 g/l.
Flammability: < 0°C.
Shelf life: 12 months, keep dry, cool and frost-proof.
Safety measures: consult the Safety Data Sheet.

  • reomoval of: car paints, undercoating, stickers from bumpers and windows, old packaging on all types of metal, hardened oils and carbon deposit on valve seats, cylinders and other engine parts
  • stripping of: varnish, paint, resin, bitumen, pitch and graffiti on walls, windows, panels, joinery, boats, traffic signs, road building equipment/tools, etc.