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SKINCOAT forms a dry, manageable, homogeneous and well-adhesive wax protection film against corrosion, rust or other surface oxidation. SKINCOAT is durable resistant to water, salts and weather influences and is temperature resistant till 90°C. SKINCOAT penetrates to the smallest seams, splits, cracks and voids. SKINCOAT is neutral and does not attack metals, lacquers, rubbers or synthetic materials. SKINCOAT is especially suitable for both external and internal protection - is ideal for hollow spaces. (Practical extension adapter will be delivered in addition.) SKINCOAT is both suitable for a long as for a temporary protection. A degreased surface, ready to be painted, is obtained immediately after simple removal with SAFETY CLEAN or KLEENSPRAY-S.

  • Forms a long-lasting, dry and manageable protection film.
  • Penetrates to the smallest pores and cracks.
  • Ideal after repairing bodywork or welding.
  • Forms a homogeneous and well-adhered protection film.
  • Fast curing.
  • Does not attack lacquers, rubbers or synthetic materials.
  • For long corrosion protection of machine parts, tools, metal surfaces, ...
  • Temperature resitsance up to 90°C.
  • Excess wax is easily removable with SAFETY CLEAN.
  • High wax content.
  • Water and salt resistant.
N743040Adapter Airclean/Skincoat1pc.

Composition: wax-basis dissolved in solvent.
Colour: brown.
Odour: typical wax / solvent smell.
pH: neutral.
Flashpoint: working material: >45°C; during treatment: highly inflammable.
Hardening time: depending on the relative humidity and the ambient temperature 15 to 30 minutes.
Consumption per 500 ml: ca. 4 to 6 m² in a thickness of 100 microns.
Water solubility: insoluble.
Relative density: 0,6576 kg/dm³.
Shelf life: 12 months, keep dry, cool and frost-proof.
Safety measures: consult the Safety Data Sheet.

  • for long anticorrosion of machine parts, tools, metal surfaces, axles, ...
  • ideal for wire cables, thanks to its strongly penetrating and filling capacity
  • temporary protective coating for see and other transports
  • temporary protective coating for finishing (of painting) later on
  • internal protection of hollow spaces, profiles, etc. - also protection after grinding and filing activities. Fillings, metal shavings or other residuals can no longer cause internal corrosion in the holllow spaces after being treated and encapsulated with SKINCOAT.
  • SKINCOAT prevents electrochemical contact degradations of different sorts of metal thanks to its isolating capacities            
  • ideal as long protective coating in hollow spaces and in places which are difficult to attain such as for the inside of thresholds, doors, boots, chassis beams, bottom plates, cable passages, bonnets and battery supports
  • highly appropriated after reparations of bodywork or welding
  • thanks to its strong penetrating capacity SKINCOAT enters in even the smallest splits and seams and forms a durable protective coating, even in invisible places and this into the smallest pores