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Silgrease H1

SILGREASE H1 is a universal silicone grease that meets the USDA H1 standard according to the guidelines 21 CFR 178.3570 of the FDA (Food and Drug Administration). SILGREASE H1 is completely water-resistant, anti-corrosive, colourless, non-toxic and neutral. SILGREASE H1 does not sag or harden.
SILGREASE H1 is resistant to sulphur dioxide, diluted acids and alkaline solutions.
SILGREASE H1 is resistant to radiations and is electrically insulating, even in moist circumstances.

  • USDA-H1 approved.
  • Safe to use in the food industry.
  • Odourles and colourless.
  • 100% water resistant.
  • Very good lubricating characteristics.
  • Highly resistant to most acids like hydro-chloric acid, sulphuric acid, ...
  • Non-meltable silicone resin grease, temperature resistant from -40°C to +220°C.
  • Without solvents or volatile silicones.
  • Avoids freezing or drying out of rubber sealings.
  • Electrically insulating.
  • NSF approved.
Article nrNameContent
N201111Silgrease H1100g

Carrier: silicone oil.
Apearance: stable paste.
Colour: white to transparent clear.
Odour: odourless.
Temperature resistance: -40°C to +220°C.
Melting point: 190°C.
Flashpoint: 320°C.
Specific weight, 20°C: 1 g/cm.

NLGI: class 4.
Ageing process:
evaporation at 200°C after 30 hours < 2.5%
efflorescence at 200°C after 30 hours < 1.5%.
Shelf life: 12 months, keep dry, cool and frost-proof.
Safety measures: consult the Safety Data Sheet.

  • door rubbers and boot rubbers: keeps these hollow rubbers soft and flexible, so that they keep closing well and don’t leak or squeak
  • lubricates and protects conductors and joint points of window mechanisms and motor parts, because these are very sensitive to water and corrosion
  • helps avoid rubber hoses from drying out
  • prevents sticking and freezing of sunroof rubbers, due to its temperature resistance it will not flow away or stain interior lining
  • for the wind- and waterproof assembly of rear lights, aerials, screwed boot spoilers; makes these seals more flexible
  • disassembly is easy and the excess grease is easily removable with SAFETY CLEAN
  • does not attack car paint and is an ideal protection for welding works from, for example, thresholds, door pins, wings and electrical wiring
  • simplifies assembly of dust caps
  • also the assembly of suspension rubbers for exhausts is simple now and SILGREASE prevents creaking and squeaking
  • simplifies the assembly of tyres and keeps the bead soft and flexible; prevents possible leakages
  • prevents carbon deposition of discharges
  • aids the assembly of tubes of cooling-water systems
  • ideal for the oiling of mileage indicator cables and its mechanisms
  • no damage to the bodywork because it does not contain any volatile or spreadable silicones
  • makes plugs from trailers fully waterproof and makes assembly and disassembly very easy
  • for the treatment of the following components against the penetration of liquid, oxidation and flash-overs of high-voltage impulses: spark plug cables, distributors, engine and interior mechanism, ignition coil, PCB’s, ignition module
  • for the protection and treatment of all multiplugs, which are sensitive to oxidation, liquids and temperature, like converters, stationary control valve, sensors of throttle, valve and air quantity meters, fuses, ...
  • for the greasing, protection and waterproofing of relays and switches, ...
  • as an assembly grase for the module on the distributor: protects it against high temperatures
  • seal grease: simple assembly; applicable for all seals in contact with hot and cold water
  • can not saponify
  • suitable for lubrications and protection with transport of food products