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SEALFLUX insulates and protects electrical connections
from mechanical abuse and wire pull-out.
SEALFLUX provides a tough, environment friendly sealed wire connection. Their crimp barrel or terminal, encased in a rugged nylon tubing with a special hot-melt adhesive, resists damage from abresions and cuts.
SEALFLUX retains its flexibility and impact-resistance long after similar products have become brittle.
The colours of SEALFLUX are coded to easily identify the wire diameter, yet they are transparent for the inspection of the finished connection.

  • Cable connector provided with wear-resistant nylon insulation and meltable adhesive.
  • Shrink ratio of the insulation 2:1.
  • Vibration resistant with a high tensile strength.
  • High temperature resistance.
  • Fast and handy to use.
  • Highly resistant to wear and vibrations.
  • Resistant to hydraulic oil, solvents, diesel fuel, petrol, salt water, battery acids, brake fluid, ...
  • High insulation resistance.
  • 3 transparent colour codes for various diametres with verification of the connection.
Article nrNameContent
N831010Sealflux Interconnectors red1pc.
N831020Sealflux Interconnectors blue1pc.
N831030Sealflux Interconnectors yellow1pc.
N832120Sealflux Ring blue 10,5mm1pc.
N832130Sealflux Ring yellow 10,5mm1pc.
N832410Sealflux Ring red 4,3mm1pc.
N832420Sealflux Ring blue 4,3mm1pc.
N832510Sealflux Ring red 5,3mm1pc.
N832520Sealflux Ring blue 5,3mm1pc.
N832530Sealflux Ring yellow 5,3mm1pc.
N832610Sealflux Ring red 6,5mm1pc.
N832620Sealflux Ring blue 6,5mm1pc.
N832630Sealflux Ring yellow 6,5mm1pc.
N832820Sealflux Ring blue 8,4mm1pc.
N832830Sealflux Ring yellow 8,4mm1pc.
N833410Sealflux Fork red 4,3mm1pc.
N833420Sealflux Fork blue 4,3mm1pc.
N833520Sealflux Fork blue 5,3mm1pc.
N833530Sealflux Fork yellow 5,3mm1pc.
N834410Seaflux Slide Plug Female red1pc.
N834610Sealflux Slide Plug Female red1pc.
N834620Sealflux Slide Plug Female blue1pc.
N834630Sealflux Slide Plug Female yellow1pc.
N835610Sealflux Slide Plug Male red1pc.
N835620Sealflux Slide Plug Male blue1pc.
N836010Sealflux Tulip Female red1pc.
N836020Sealflux Tulip Female blue1pc.
N836110Sealflux Tulip Male red1pc.
N836120Sealflux Tulip Male blue1pc.

Insulation resistance: Megohms 103.
Dielectric resistance: 2,5 Kilovolt.
Chemical resistance: diesel fuel, brake fluid, antifreeze, 5% salt water, motor oil, ...
Solvent resistance: isopropyl alcohol, trichloroethylene, gasoline.
Constant temperature: from -55°C to 125°C.
Minimum shrink temperature: 180°C.

Voltage rating: 600 Volt maximum.
Shrink ratio: approximately 2:1.
Electrical properties: disruptive strength 1000 Volt;
insulation resistance: 103 Megohms.

  • garage and bodywork
  • built-in car radios and alarm systems
  • assembling of towing hooks
  • lorry and bus manufacturers
  • contract workers, farmers, earth-moving machines
  • signalisation and neon lights
  • horticulture and outdoor lighting
  • electric installation and maintenance services
  • repair of tools and machines
  • industrial maintenance services
  • motorbikes and mopeds
  • shipbuilding and -repair
  • amusement parks