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Seal & Bond Spray

SEAL & BOND SPRAY is a unique glue which can be used with a spatula, a brush or a sprayer and based on high-grade hybrid polymers. SEAL & BOND SPRAY remains flexible and dries by air humidity, without releasing isocyanates. SEAL & BOND SPRAY is simple to apply and structure with the NOVATIO MASTERGUN. SEAL & BOND SPRAY can be repainted very quickly, even “wet on wet”. No irritating solvent odour.

Article nrNameContent
N599610Novatwister1 pc.

Viscosity: sprayable paste.
Scin cure: 20 min. at 23°C.
Full-hardening: 3 mm in 24 h (23°C); 5 mm in 48 h (23°C).
Hardness shore A: 45.
Elongation after fracture: 450%.
Tensile strength: 70 N/cm².
Temp. resistance: -40°C to +90°C - peak 140°C.
Specific gravity: 1,38.
Colour: beige + black.
Shelf life: 12 months, unopened at a temp. of 5°C up to 25°C. Keep dry, cool and frost-proof.
Safety measures: consult the Safety Data Sheet.

  • for bonding parquet on flooring tile, concrete, ...
  • for bonding tiles on tiles, novylon and carpet on tiles, ...
  • for bonding aluminium on glass, aluminium on wood (always roughen the aluminium thoroughly)
  • polystyrene can be glued on wood by spraying the SEAL & BOND SPRAY
  • bonding plumb on other building-materials
  • insulation between 2 different components
  • as sound insulation of engine rooms, ...
  • bonding of decorative wall and carpets covering