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Seal & Bond MS 50 2-K

SEAL & BOND MS50 2-K is the newest generation of a 2-component system in a 1-component cartridge for bonding and sealing techniques. SEAL & BOND MS50 2-K has a very fast internal polymerisation without shrinkage and meets the highest and most recent DIN-norms for garage, industry and bodywork repairs: DIN 53505 and DIN 53507. SEAL & BOND MS50 2-K is UV- and weather-resistant, does not get mouldy and is odourless. SEAL & BOND MS50 2-K adheres to most current materials: varnished and galvanized surfaces, ferrous and non-ferrous metals, steel, aluminium, lacquer, varnish, polyester, wood and most synthetic materials. SEAL & BOND MS50 2-K can be re-used after opening.

  • Can be used with a standard silicone gun.
  • Fast curing.
  • Super fast full-hardening, to the core, even in thick layers.
  • Very high tensile strength 210 N/cm².
  • Replaces screwing and welding while mounting parts.
  • Prevents coorosion and water leaks.
  • UV- and weather-resistant.
  • Perfect adhesion to most materials without using a primer.
  • Can be painted very fast (after 15 minutes) with both solventand water-based lacquers.
  • Does not contain solvents or isocyanates.
  • Is odourless.
Article nrNameContent
N315100Seal & Bond Gun 12:11pc.
N526106Seal & Bond MS 50 2K black250ml
N526306Seal & Bond MS 50 2K grey250ml

Flow: 5 bar / 3 mm / 23°C > 140gr/min.
Pot life 23°C: 15 to 30 minutes.
Curing time 20°C:
primary curing: 1 hour (Shore A: 5);
processable: 2-3 hours (Shore A: 15-2);
mechanically resistant: 24 hours (Shore A: >30);
fully chemically resistant after 7 days.
Hardness DIN 53505: 50 Shore A.
Tensile strength: 210 N/cm².
Tear strength: >73 N/cm² DIN 53507.
Ultimate elongation 7 days 20°C: >600%.
Thermal stability: -40°C to +95°C (180°C shortly).

Specific gravity: ca. 1.4 +/- 0.1 kg/dm³.
Volume shrinkage after curing: none ( < 1%).
Adherence: to most surfaces.
ATTENTION: bad adherence to PE, PP, silicones, ...
Chemical resistance: is resistant to diluted acids,
alkali, aliphatic solvents, oils greases, water and
seawater; moderate resistant to esters, ketones and
aromatics; not resistant to acids and chlorinated
Shelf life: Shelf life: 15 months, keep dry, cool and frost-proof.
Safety measures: consult the Safety Data Sheet.

  • bonding and sealing of spoilers, body kits, construction sills, ...
  • ideal for the mounting of cargo platforms and side walls of refrigeration cars, delivery vans, ...
  • installation of sunroofs
  • sealing of water leaks in boats
  • bodywork parts with a covering function can be glued. This is completely in conformity with the GOCA standards of the car inspection PL002-06 under notion III.
  • fast gluing of bullet-proof glass
  • bonding of mirrors, natural stone, plexiglass, lacquered surfaces, polycarbonate, acrylate, without corrosion or formation of stains
  • gluing of stainless-steel kitchens, bathrooms and industry
  • developing and repairing of rubber sealings