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Seal & Bond MS 50

SEAL & BOND MS50 is a new bonding and sealing
technique based on hybrid polymers.
SEAL & BOND MS50 combines the advantages of
mounting, P.U. and wood adhesives, silicone and
sanitary silicone sealants, acrylate and butene
rubber sealants in 1 product. SEAL & BOND MS50 is a one component product with a unique bonding capacity on most surfaces, without use of a primer. SEAL & BOND MS50 is U.V.-resistant, anti-fungal and bactericidal.
SEAL & BOND MS50 cures in a sinkproof manner, resists vibrations and remains.

  • high elasticity
  • bonding and sealing with 1 product
  • can be used on both dry and wet
  • surfaces
  • can be painted, even with acrylic
  • and dispersion paints
  • does not contain any solvents or
  • isocyanates

Flow : 5 bar / 3 mm / 23°C > 140gr/min.
Skin cure : 23°C 50% R.V. 30-40 minutes
Non-adhering : 23°C  50% R.V. 60 minutes
Full cure time : 23°C 50% R.V. 24 uur - 4mm
48 uur - 6 mm
72 uur - 7mm
Max. allowable deformation : 12,5% (according to
ISO 9046)
Expansion joints for construction :
ISO 11600 F 12,5% HM E
Volume shrinkage after cure : < 3%
Hardness after 3 weeks -  DIN 53505: 50 Shore A
Tensile strenght - DIN 5350452 : 250 N/cm²
Tear strenght : 100 N/cm² DIN 53507
Processing temperature : + 5°C till 40°C

Thermal stability : - 40°C till 90°C very short period for
powdercoating process till 200°C
Elasticity - DIN 53504 : 450%
Contains no isocyanates : non-toxic
Chemical resistance : good: water, seawater, aliphatic
solvents, oils, grease, diluted organic acids, lyes
moderate: esters, ketones, aromatics
bad: concentrated acids, chlorinated solvents
Suture : excellent adhesion on tiles, cement, natural
stone, wood, concrete, glass,
excepted on PP, PE, PTFE and bitumen
Shelf life : 12 months

  • Car body & garage:
    Bonding of body parts: steel/stel without using a primer.
    Joint sealant; sealing of welded and sheet metal work joints - easy to structure and to paint.
    Bonding of spoilers and extensions kits - good adhesion on paintwork and polyester.
    Sealing of water leaks, can be used on wet surfaces.
    Bonding of several materials. Excellent bonding on metal, primer, paintwork, zinc coating, aluminium, wood, most sthynthetic materials.
    Bonded metals can be welded, painted and varnished at once with the current lacquers used in garages.
  • Building:
    Bonding of isolation, even on wet surfaces. SEAL & BOND MS 50 does not dissolve polyester foam.
    As mounting adhesive for bonding of skirting boards, lathing, sidings, eaves, laths, on brick, gyproc, cellular
    concrete, Ytong, concrete, mortar, etc. SEAL & BOND MS 50 replaces mechanical attachments.
    As sealant for both wet and difficult surfaces. Does not attack natural stone like marble, Belgian blue stone and granite. Ideal as sealant between windows ans brickwork. Can be painted perfectly, even with acrylate disperion paints.
    Windows and verandas: bonding of glass in synthetic and aluminium profiles, bonding of adhering pieces and corner pieces in production of windows.
  • Airconditioning - Ventilation:
    Sealing of both PVC and metal tubing, excellent bonding, als on galvanized ducts.
  • Sanitary:
    As sealant on even wet surfaces. Does not attack acrylate. SEAL & BOND MS 50 is U.V.-resistant, anti-fungal and bactericidal.
     As a result of its large elasticity SEAL & BOND MS 50 can be used in almost every application that requires a large expansion
  • Construction:
    Bonded metals can be welded wet on wet, varnished and painted with the current lacquers.
    Bonding of ferrous and non-ferrous plates on window works.
    Bonding of mirrors, does not attack the silver coating (always apply the adhesive in vertical lines).
    Bonding of decorative panels.
    In the construction of elevators: good adhesion to lacquered surfaces.
    Bonding of wooden ore metal table tops.
    Bonding of characters and name plates on gravestones and fronts.
    Bonding and sealing of containers.
    As bonding ans sealing kit which can be powder coated afterwards.
  • General maintenance:
    As universal adhesive: bonds to most surfaces, contains no solvents, does not attack synthetic material.
    As universal sealant: combines the advantages of an acrylic and silicone sealant, without the disadvantages of these two products.
    Reduces your stock of different products.
    SEAL & BOND MS 50 replaces: mounting, wood and P.U. adhesive, silicone sealants, sanitary silicone sealants, acrylic, butyl rubber sealants.
    Now 1 product instead of 7.
    Easy to apply.