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Safety Seal - Safety Seal Plus

SAFETY SEAL is the only TUV approved repair systemfor all tubeless tyres, even for Flat Tyres and Pax tyres. It is the ideal solution for steel belted tyres.
SAFETY SEAL PLUS is a self-vulcanising liquid buyl rubber for inner tubeless tyres.

  • Automatic vulcanization due to road surface friction
  • No filter or adhesive necessary
  • Adapts itself to any kind of hole or cut.
  • Permanent repairs on tread up to 9 mm.
  • Ideal solution for steel-belted tyres.
  • Easy to use and time saving - dismounting unnecessary
  • May be applied under all conditions - solid.
  • Can be used on tyres of both passenger cars and trucks and heavy vehicles.

  • This seal does not contain any harmful or environmentally unfriendly components. Follow the instructions carefully. When the repair has been completed, carry out an inspection after approximately 200 km.
  • 1. Determine the location of the damage. Remove the damaging object and note the angle where the object penetrated. If the angle of the damage is difficult to ascertain, place the needle in the hole alone to determine the angle.
  • 2. Pull the cord through the eye of the needle until the cord sits in the middle of the needle.
  • 3. Stick the cord into the hole. To do this, use constant pressure until half of the needle holder touches the tyre. Watch out: if a small hole has to be repairred, it is advisable to stick the needle into it first to clear out the hole.
  • 4. Pull the needle handle straight out. Cut away superfluous material. Pressurize the tyre again. The tyre is ready to use.