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Safety Scraper

SAFETY SCRAPER is a safety blade that is manufactured from strong plastic and which does not leave any scratches on the surface either.
SAFETY SCRAPER is not an ordinary razor that breaks easily. This safety scraper does not break!
You can put the SAFETY SCRAPER into your pocket without any risk thanks to its handy locking system and it can be found easily with the help of its noticeable colour.

  • Light weight - safe to use - safe in your pocket.
  • As sharp as a razor blade.
  • 30 times stronger.
  • Very flexible, can bend.
  • Replaceable safety blades.
  • Can be used on sensitive surfaces.
  • Easy removal of stickers and adhesives.
  • Excellent for taking off moldings, tapes and emblems.
  • Safe to use for removing gaskets.
Article nrNameContent
N311000Safety Scraper1pc.
N311050Safety Scraper Blades1pc.

  • quickly removes stickers and adhesives on most surfaces such as glass, metal, plastic, ...
  • ideal for removing mouldings, adhesive tapes and emblems
  • also suited for packaging and seals on mechanical components