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POWERSOLV is a unique solvent based on alcohols, esters and glycols. POWERSOLV has the unique property of dissolving both water and solvent based products. This makes POWERSOLV universally applicable and prevents guesswork and time-consuming tests. POWERSOLV will not attack most synthetic materials because it does not contain alipathic or aromatic hydrocarbons. POWERSOLV works fast and efficiently on several types of grime. POWERSOLV can be rinsed perfectly with water and will emulsify well in it, which will make easier final treatment on the surface. POWERSOLV is free of damaging and chlorinated solvents. POWERSOLV can be used both manually and in immersion or rinsing baths. It may also be used in closed rinsing systems for standard solvents.

  • Contains no aromatic or aliphatic hydrocarbons, which do not damage metals and most synthetic materials.
  • Also removes water based products.
  • Removes most grime and stains: grease, tar, paint (also 2 component or water based paints), adhesives, felt pen, printing ink, ...
  • Can be rinsed with water.
  • Quick evaporation.
  • Pleasant odour.
N741901Pump for Novafuel Powerkleen RFU 5l1pc.
N741902Pump for Novafuel Powerkleen RFU 25l1pc.

Physical form: liquid.
Colour: colourless.
Odour: Characteristic odour.
Flash point: 11°C.
Specific weight 20°C: 0,883.
Auto-ignition temperature: 230°C.
Solubility: water; moderately soluble.
Do not use POWERSOLV on paints or lacquers
that are not completely cured.
Always test colourfastness first on a painted or
lacquered surface!!!
Shelf life: 12 months, keep dry, cool and
Safety measures: consult the Safety Data Sheet.

  • removal of paint stains or overspray of both water and solvent based paints from stone, aluminium, wood, plexiglass, textile, rubber (always test first), carpet (always test first), HPL and melamine
  • removal of felt pen, ball-point, pencil, adhesive residue and printing ink from HPL and melamine
  • removal of graffiti from most materials (be careful on lacquered or painted surfaces)
  • cleaning of both pressure and airless spraying equipment, also after using water based products
  • removal of overspray from plexiglass or glass light boxes in spray cabins
  • removal of most printing inks
  • cleaning of painter’s tools
  • removal of adhesive residue from stickers or labels
  • removal of ball-point and felt pen from seat upholstery (test first)
  • removal of shoe polish from textile or carpets