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Novalu 100

NOVALU 100 gives metal surfaces cathodic rust protection and allows simple, quick and economical application. After spraying only once, a protective coating of 99,5% pure aluminium is formed. The fine aluminium particles deposit on the base material and firmly adhere to it, due to synthetic resin additives. Exposed to higher temperatures, the resin will vaporize, leaving a coating of pure aluminium, melted together with the metal surface. NOVALU 100 withstands temperatures of up 800°C and up to 970°C for intermittent periods.

  • A combination of pure aluminium and selected synthetic resins.
  • Stops rust - prevents corrosion - scratch resistant.
  • Aluminium deposits on metals due to added synthetic resin.
  • Ideal for applications at high temperatures.
  • With temperatures up to 970°C, the pure aluminium (99,5%) will melt together with the metal surface.
  • Gives a bright, brilliant aluminium effect.
  • Non-toxic.
N112001Novalu 100400ml

Composition: aluminium pf 99,5% purity with synthetic resin and solvent additives plus
ozonsafe propellant.
Best application results: use under room temperature.
Spraying distance: 20 to 25 cm.
Curing time: fast drying.
Heat resistance: up to 800°C: continuous; up to 970°C: during short time.
Shelf life: 12 months, keep dry, cool and frost-proof.
Safety measures: consult the Safety Data Sheet.

  • NOVALU 100 coats excellently almost any material, such as ferrous and non ferrous metals, wood, cardboard paper, plastics, ceramics, etc.
  • air conditioning and ventilation equipment
  • furnaces and ovens
  • pipes (steam pipes)
  • machine casings
  • exhausts
  • containers
  • motorcar bodies, wheels and coach-work
  • arts and craft