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Novaleak Water

NOVALEAK WATER prevents the long search for possible leaks in coolings systems.
NOVALEAK WATER quickly traces water seepage in leaking installations.
It can be left in the cooling system permanently and therefore simplifies future inspections.
NOVALEAK WATER will give a fluorescent effect after mixing with cooling water.
With the help of NOVALEAK LAMP the fluorescent contrast will become clearly visible.
The NOVALEAK LAMP is delivered together with U.V. safety glosses.
They protect the eyes against UV-light and make the contrast liquid even more visible.

  • Time saving: traces leaks quickly and efficiently.
  • Is compatible with antifreeze and coolants.
  • Very easy and safe to use.
  • Can stay permanently in the fluid for future inspections.
  • Appropriate for all cooling systems.
Article nrNameContent
N750111Novaleak Water30ml

Apperance: liquid.
Composition: fluorescent yellow.
Odour: almost odourless.
Solubility: mixable with all water based products; insoluble with oils.
Colour: dark amber-coloured.
Mixture: NOVALEAK WATER mixed with water gives a bright fluorescent yellow colour.

Consumption: 30 ml / 10 litres water.
Cleaning: remainders can be cleaned with NOVATIO NOVAKLEEN and AQUASOLV.
Shelf life: 12 months, keep dry, cool and frost-proof.
Safety measures: consult the Safety Data Sheet.

  • NOVALEAK WATER is ideal for cooling systems in cars, trucks, farming machinery and motorcycles
  • adding 1 bottle of NOVALEAK WATER (30ml) to 20 litres of water is ideal to trace water leaks at leaking rubbers and sealants in coffers, windows, roofs ..
  • NOVALEAK WATER can be used in all closed industrial water based systems
  • other products can be cleaned with NOVATIO NOVAKLEEN and AQUASOLV