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Novairco Stop

NOVAIRCO STOP is suitable for use on all
air-conditioning units and cooling installations, irrespective of the gas used.                     NOVAIRCO STOP renews rubbers, o-rings, seals, etc.

  • Both in metal and rubber parts.
  • Permanent repair.
  • Seal multiple leaks in one treatment.
Article nrNameContent
N744011Novairco Stop42g

Physical condition: liquid.
Colour: red.
Odour: very slight.
pH value: neutral.
Water solubility: none.
Relative density: 0.99.
Viscosity: 28CP (20°C).
Vapour density: 2.4 (air: 0).

Flash point: 11.00°C.
Boiling point: 27°C.
Vapour pressure: >1.10 bar
Spontaneous combustion temperature: +350°C.
VOC: 40%.
Shelf life: 12 months, dry, cool and frost-free.
Safety measures: please read the safety sheet.

    Check if there is sufficient gas in the airconditioning system, replenish if necessary and check the working of the compressor. While the installation is operating it is recommended to check the pressure after 24 hours as well as the working of the airconditioning installation. If a small pressure loss is observed but the compressor is still working there a repairable leak.
  • Empty and vent the air-conditioning installation (by vacuum), replace the moisture filter and fill the installation with gas and
    lubricant until the compressor can operate.
  • Screw the filler hose on the NOVAIRCO STOP can and prick into the can with the needle in the valve. With the motor and airconditioning stopped, fix the filler hose to the low pressure inlet of the air-conditioning installation and open the valve until gas flows from the installation into the can.
  • Start the motor and switch the airconditioning installation to its maximum. The compressor then operates and the NOVAIRCO STOP will be circulated in the system. Keep the can upside down until it is fully empty.
  • Disconnect the filler hose from the low pressure inlet and complete filling with the necessary gas
  • Allow the air-conditioning installation to run at maximum power for  round twenty minutes to optimally mix the NOVAIRCO STOP with the gas.