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NOVAIR is a unique high pressure system in aerosol packing. NOVAIR is completely dry and leaves no residue or film. By turning the can upside down, NOVAIR can be used as a freezing spray.

  • 6 bar high-pressure blower in aerosol-shape.Can be used as a handy mini compressed air blower.
  • Without moisture or oxygen (no oxidation).
  • Removes dust and other superfluous particles from gaps, cracks or hard to reach places.
  • Drying surfaces without leaving residue.
  • Reduces the static electricity of electronic components.
  • Extreme freezing capacity of -60°C, when the aerosol is used upside down.
  • Through cold-shrinking most connections loosen in seconds.
  • Checking sensors, bimetals and other      temperature regulators.
  • Handy extension pipe for precision work.
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Composition: mixture of solvent and inert gas.
Purity: 99,95 % minimum.
Pressure at 20°C: 6 bar.
Cooling: up to -60°C.
Shelf life: 12 months, keep dry, cool and frost-proof.
Safety measures: Consult the Safety Data Sheet.

  • Simplifies (de-)mounting of pins, bolts, nuts, couplings, wirings, nipples, broken bolts, ... by cold-shrink
  • Safe dedusting, cleaning and drying of printed circuit boards, electronic components and devices, fine mechanics, office machines, computers and key-boards, sensitive surfaces, lacquers and synthetic materials
  • Traces quickly defects of temperature sensors, bimetals, printed circuit-boards, sensors, heat regulators, rheostats, ... by cooling effect control
  • Removing dust from electronic appliances and electrical contacts
  • Drying components
  • Removing moisture or solvents
  • Cleaning computer and other keyboards
  • Cleaning printed circuits and rheostats
  • Cleaning lenses, cameras, projectors
  • Removing paper dust and powder ink in photocopiers and printers
  • Cooling off temperature sensors and bimetal contacts
  • Removing chewing gum from carpets - test first!
  • Shrinking small metal components before mounting
  • Cleaning smoke detectors and fans