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Novafuel Powerkleen RFU

NOVAFUEL POWERKLEEN RFU is a ready-to-use concentrated universal fuel system cleaner with additional lubrication and anti-wear additives.
NOVAFUEL POWERKLEEN RFU is safe for catalytic converters and is suitable for both diesel and petrol engines.
NOVAFUEL POWERKLEEN RFU can be injected in pure form into the fuel filter.

  • Filling agent for fuel filters.
  • Suitable for diesel and petrol engines.
  • Contains lubrication and anti-wear additives.
  • Removes non-evaporating fuel residues.
  • Stops sputtering, knocking and jamming.
  • Removes sulphur deposits.
  • Cleans pumps, injectors, common-rail systems, ...
  • Safe for catalytic converters.
  • Works fast and efficiently.
  • Prevents expensive mechanical or electrical repairs.
  • Extremely suitable for high-pressure pumps.
  • Cleans injection systems quickly.
Article nrNameContent
N741000Oil Can for Novafuel Powerkleen RFU1pc.
N741050Novafuel Powerkleen RFU5l
N741092Novafuel Powerkleen RFU25l
N741901Pump for Novafuel Powerkleen RFU 5l1pc.
N741902Pump for Novafuel Powerkleen RFU 25l1pc.

Composition: mixture of aliphatic and aromatic hydrocarbons with modified mineral oils and octane boosters.
Appearance: liquid.
Colour: light blue.
Odour: strong aromatic.
User concentration: 100%.
Boiling point °C: 56.5 - 211.

Flashpoint °C: 8.
Auto-ignition point °C: 255.
VOS (Volatile organic substances) %: 99,69.
Shelf life: 12 months, keep dry, cool and frost-proof.
Safety measures: consult the Safety Data Sheet.

  • removes carbon and sulphur deposits quickly and effectively (sludge), non-evaporating fuel residues and water
  • cleans pumps and injectors
  • stops sputtering and jamming
  • recommended before tuning the engine
  • filling the fuel filter