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Novafill Flex 2

NOVAFILL FLEX 2 is the strong filling and covering version of Novafill Flex and is specially developed to lacquer it with the newest water-based lacquers afterwards. NOVAFILL FLEX 2 has in spite of its very good filling capacity a very high flexibility. Thanks to NOVAFILL FLEX 2 you do not have to throw away paint residues anymore and clean guns for small repairs. NOVAFILL FLEX 2 is very economic in use. Since the covering capacity of most water-based lacquers is not spectacularly good, NOVAFILL FLEX 2 is made in 5 colours. This range of colours guarantees a fast covering capacity of the lacquer that you will use.

  • Adhesive primer, softener, extra filler and undercoat.
  • Ideal on most plastics, polyester, metals, galvanised plate, lacquered surfaces, ...
  • Very high filling capacities.
  • Can quickly be sanded.
N120712Novafill Flex 2 Dark grey500ml
N120722Novafill Flex 2 Black500ml
N120732Novafill Flex 2 White500ml
N120742Novafill Flex 2 Red500ml

Curing time: depends on the thickness of the layer and the ambient temperature: contact dry after 15 min. at 20°C - 50 micron film.
Colour: white, dark grey, red, blue, anthracite.
Consumption: 1 full covering layer = 233 gr/m²;
1 full filling layer = 333 gr/m².
Nozzle: adjustable in small horizontal or wide vertical form.
Max. temperature resistance: 120°C.
Shelf life: 12 months, keep dry, cool and frost-proof.
Safety measures: consult the Safety Data Sheet.

  • thanks to its good adherence to most plastics, NOVAFILL FLEX 2 can perfectly be used on spoilers, bumpers, hub covers, decorative covers of outside mirrors,...
  • also very suitable for galvanizing, blank metal, existing lacquers, ferrous and non-ferrous metals, ...