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Nova Strip Super

The NOVA STRIP SUPER is a very light highy-qualitiy self-adjusting wire stripper. It is easy to use. Effects precise and safe wire stripping.
The stripping knives never touch the inner conductor. Damage to the conductor is therefor impossible.
After each wire stripping the return spring opens the stripper for the next operation.

  • quick and reliable stripping
  • quick set length stob, adjustable from 8-12 mm
  • special scanning system adjusts automatically to the diameter iof the wire
  • two tools ion one
  • accessible built-in wire cutter (up to 2 mm full copper wire)
  • fully insulated
Article nrNameContent
N861050Nova Strip Super1pc.

Body: Made of fibre-glass re-inforced polyamid
Colour: black
Cutting knife / Stripping knife: made of special hardenend molybdeen steel
Stripping range: 0.2-6mm 2 dia
Adjustable: from 8-12 mm
Cutting cpacity: up to 2 mm dia (slid copper)

Very small rose
Special scanning system: no damage to conductor
Insulation capacity: 1000V
Weight: 130 g

  • Automotive
  • Electrical Industry
  • Maintenance
  • Production
  • All electrical applications