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Nova Pro Tape

NOVA PRO TAPE is a tape that is specially developed to protect cable trees, cable hoses, pipes and tubes manually. The tape has a good temperature resistance and is sound-insulating. NOVA PRO TAPE resists ageing and rotting. Thanks to the woolly textile and very thin structure of NOVA PRO TAPE overlappings are almost invisible.

  • A wear-resistant PET-coat finished with textile.
  • Easy to apply.
  • Permits the protection of a closed circuit.
  • Perfect protection, even on difficult materials such as e.g. silicone cables, ...
  • Prevents cracking, squeaking, vibrations and wear.
  • Esthetical repair for an original look.
  • Resists ageing.
  • Temperature resistance from -30°C to +110°C.
  • Ideal for repair or tap of wire bundles, cable trees, pipes, ...
Article nrNameContent
N553198Nova Pro Tape 19mm x 10m1pc.

NOVA PRO TAPE has a fast immediate adhesiveness on most materials.
Based on: PET.
Top coat: woolly textile.
Adhesive: rubber adhesive.
Colour: black.
Tensile strength: 40 N/cm.
Elongation after fracture: 10-25%.
Total thickness: 0.3 mm.
Shrink: 0.3 mm.
Adhesive power: > 1.5 N/cm.
Temperature resistance: from -30°C to +110°C.
Solvents: free.
Attention: after 24 hours it is 100% optimum.
First test foundations based on PE, PP, silicones and bitumen for adhesion (see each tape).
Shelf life: 24 months, keep dry, cool and frost-proof.
Safety measures: consult the Safety Data Sheet.

  • protection of cables in dashboard or switch boxes against vibrations
  • protection of cables, tubes, wires, pipes
  • bundling of cables
  • wrapping of repaired wires or bundles
  • gives your repair an original look
  • tuning
  • for the installation of LPG