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Multistrip Detect

MULTISTRIP DETECT is a wire strippers with built-in voltage detection that can show voltages from 50 volts to 600 volts without direct contact to the inner conductor. The cutting depth can be accurately adjusted with the tuning knob in order to exclude damage to the inner conductor. The built-in voltage detection detects cable separations, hidden wires and even breaches the mains voltage field. MULTISTRIP DETECT dismantles 4mm to 28 mm cables all around or in length.

  • Fit for all standard round cables from 4mm – 28 mm.
  • The cutting depth can be adjusted with the tuning knob so that the insulators do not get damaged.
  • Dismantling may be performed all around or in length, thanks to the perfect, self turning knife.
Article nrNameContent
N861010Multistrip Detect1pc.

Reach of detection: 50-600 V.
mains voltage = lights up
no mains voltage = no light
Reach of frequency: 50-60 Hz.

Battery: 2 * 1.5 V button cell battery
Reach of temperature: 0°C - 40°C.
Detects through: wood, construction bricks,
autoclaved aerated concrete,…

    Open the cover and insert cable. Push cable against the ‘swivel-blade’ and close cove.
    - Turn 1 or 2 times.
    - Cut in length and dismantle the wrapping.
     - Adjust cutting depth by turning the screw underneath the handle.
    Reach of dismantling: from 4mm – 28 mm.
    Activate the mains voltage tester by pushing the ON-OFF button (3 sec).
    When the LED-lights blink slowly, the MULTISTRIP DETECT is ready for use.
    Near dangerous amperage from 50 v- 600 v the LED lights blink fast.
    After approx. 10 min the mains voltage tester disconnects itself automatically.
    By holding the ON-OFF switch the mains voltage tester can be switched of.
    When the mains voltage tester gives no signal, it’s time to replace the batteries.
    Open the device with a screw driver and remove the battery tray.
    Replace the used batteries by new ones type
    LR44 1,5 V. while taking into account the polarity.
    Reinsert the battery tray into the device.
  • Detecting built-in or hidden cables, transformers and appliances under mains voltage.
    Detecting defects in extension cords.
    Speeds up tests of bifilar light switches.
    Detecting of hidden multiple sockets, cable boxes,…