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Rust is a complex molecular combination of unstable iron oxides and hydroxides with a strong hygroscopic character. When removing rust superficially, small rust particles will often remain in the pores of the surface, which will spontaneously reactivate the corrosion process after a while. In order to solve this ancient problem in a professional way, we have developed METALSOL. It is a milky coloured synthetic emulsion that will convert the iron oxides into a tough, black layer after contact with steel and under the influence of air humidity. The metal organic layer obtained after curing will protect the surface against new rust formation. METALSOL doesn’t only function as a rust converter, but at the same time as ideal undercoat for the application of the most common paint systems. This will protect the surface, provide it with an undercoat, make it free from rust in one action, and will undoubtedly save hourly wages and product costs. METALSOL is water- and solventproof after cure.

  • METALSOL converts rust into a remaining, stabilised and impenetrable layer.
  • METALSOL neutralises rust trough a visible reaction.
  • METALSOL is economical and cost-cutting.
  • METALSOL is an ideal undercoat or final layer in one product and can be applied easily with a brush or with a spray gun.
  • METALSOL can be used curatively and preventively.
  • METALSOL can be painted or filled after  drying (+/- 50 min).
  • METALSOL is safe to use.
Y875000Trigger Basic12pcs.
Y875001Trigger Solvent Resistant12pcs.
Y875002Standard Bottle 1l1 pc.

Composition/Appearance: milky synthetic emulsion based on acrylic copolymer resins and anti-oxidants, which will cure to a half-shiny black fi nish layer after reacting with rust.
Viscosity: Ford Cup N°4: 45 sec. (mPa.s)
Content of solids: 52%
pH: 1.5
Specific gravity: 1.25 kg/dm³
Flashpoint: closed cup > 30°C
Inflammability: dry film is flame-retarding
Processing temperature: min. 5°C - max. 40°C
Drying times: summer: 15 min.; winter: 45 min.
High humidity and low temperatures decelerate drying. Use an IR-lamp or hot air circulation to accelerate drying.
Salt spray test: ASTM B117 resistance > 5000 h.
Temperature resistance: -60°C to +150°C.
Shelf life: 12 months, keep dry, cool and frost-proof.
Safety measures: consult the Safety Data Sheet.

  • preventively and curatively treats rust in all industrial applications: car body shops, restauration works, maintenance and repairs, ...