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Grease NLGI 3

GREASE NLGI 3 is a light colour heavy duty
grease based on a Lithium-12-Hydroxy stearate
soap for long time lubrication under high load.
GREASE NLGI 3 is a relative rigid grease.
GREASE NLGI 3 is for the long-term lubrication of rolling and slide bearings, also appropriate in case of high loads.
GREASE NLGI 3 reduces wear thanks to its very good resistance to high pressure. GREASE NLGI 3 is good temperature-resistant.

  • High-pressure resistant.
  • Contains anti-wear additives.
  • Absolutely water resistant.
  • Corrosion protection, prevents rust and seizure.
  • Good temperature-resistant.
Article nrNameContent
N231150Grease NLGI 3400g

Colour: yellowish
Base oil: mineral oil
Penetration, worked: 220-250 / 0,1 mm
DIN ISO 2137
Consistency class: NLGI 3 DIN 51818
Dropping point: 190°C DIN ISO 2176
Temperature range: -30°C up to +130°C,
shortly up to +150°C
Water resistance: completely resistant DIN 51807

Copper corrosion: Corrosive Grade 1 DIN 51811
Oxidation stability: < 0,35 bar DIN 51808
Mechanic-Dynamic-Test: pass B/120°C DIN 51806
Kinematic viscosity:
290 mm²/s at 40°C, 20 mm²/s at 100°C
Shelf life: 12 months, keep dry, cool and
Safety measures: consult the Safety Data Sheet.

  • for motor vehicles, bearings, water pumps for heavy duty
  • for slow and fast running bearings as a long-term lubrication (bottling machines, sealing machines), even in moist surroundings
  • for construction equipment and agriculture equipment, protects bearings against dust and humidity
  • as sealing grease
  • for slide rails and cableways of lifts