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Expansion Tape

EXPANSION TAPE is a precompressed, selfadhesive foam tape with a synthetic coating that is impregnated with aluminium oxide. This impregnation ensures that the tape adheres to the joint partition and protects the tape mainly against the weathering and ageing. The tape retains the tensile strength even in cold temperature. The tape meets the Class B1 fire standards. EXPANSION TAPE is a BG1 approved foam tape, making it suitable for sealing joints, seams and flanges, ... as well as offering protection against humidity, dust, heat loss and noise. EXPANSION TAPE is water-resistant and UV-resistant.EXPANSION TAPE remains pressed against both walls in a constant and powerful way.

  • Fills in all uneven gaps.
  • Offers protection against humidity, dust, noise, cold loss and heat loss, ...
  • Has a water-resistant finish.
  • Very good UV protection.
  • Very slow expansion.
  • Does not show any signs of ageing thanks to its synthetic coating.
  • Free of bitumen and does not run.
  • Foam tape is impregnated with fire-resistant aluminium oxide.
  • Suitable for even and uneven surfaces.
  • Meets the BG1 standard and Class B1 fire standard.
Article nrNameContent
N564102Expansion Tape 10/21pc.
N564103Expansion Tape 10/31pc.
N564104Expansion Tape 10/41pc.
N564152Expansion Tape 15/212,5m
N564153Expansion Tape 15/31pc.
N564154Expansion Tape 15/41pc.
N564156Expansion Tape 15/61pc.
N564202Expansion Tape 20/21pc.
N564204Expansion Tape 20/41pc.
N564206Expansion Tape 20/65,6m

Technical information and packaging
Density: 75 kg/m (+/- 8 kg/m).
Tensile strength at break: >200 %.
Impregnation: alu-oxide and synthetic coating.
Colour: black.
Fire class: B1 - DIN 4102 Part 1 P-NDS04-581.
Coefficient of thermal conductivity: 60 mW/m.K.
Root penetration 4062: no penetration.
Thermal stability: from -30°C to +85°C.
Mould resistant: resistant.
Water resistant density: efficient when compressed
with a test pressure of 67 % 300 Pa, 80% > 600 Pa.
Adhesion force:  > 18N/25mm.
Tensile strength:  > 100kPA ISO 1798.
Odour: odourless.
UV-resistance: meets DIN 53387 standard.
Joint type: smooth-normal; smooth-diagonal;
uneven normal; uneven-diagonal.
For PE, PP, silicone and bitumen based surfaces,
first test on adhesion.
Storage life: 12 months, dry, cool and frost-free.
Safety measures: Consult the Safety Data Sheet.

  • Expands very slowly, so it can be applied straight from the roll the higher the ambient temperature, the faster the adhesion.
  • Finishing of the most common joints, seams and flanges.
  • Joining of masonry with door frames and window frames, concrete columns, façade and roof elements, dilatation joints.
  • After use, the roll must be fastened with a piece of tape to prevent swelling.
  • tape           max. exp. BG1  max exp.tape
  • 10 mm      2.5 mm               7,5 mm
  • 15 mm      2.5 mm               7,5 mm
  • 20 mm     2.5 mm                7,5 mm
  • 10 mm      4.0  mm             11 mm
  • 15 mm      4.0  mm             11 mm
  • 10 mm      5.0  mm             17 mm
  • 15 mm      5.0  mm             17 mm
  • 20 mm      5.0  mm             17 mm
  • 15 mm      7.0 mm               26 mm
  • 20 mm      7.0  mm              26 mm