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Cable Fixer Pro

CABLE FIXER is a handy tool for bundling and fixing. Due to the continuous band rolls, you can bundle lengths between 3 mm and 15 m, without any waste or loss. CABLE FIXER automatically applies the stop clip and at the same time cuts the band at the right length in one movement without any loss. With CABLE FIXER you save time and stock.

  • Always the right length without any waste.
  • Easy to apply: wind the band around the object, tighten, click, ready!
  • Stretching and cutting in one act.
  • Easy to reload.
  • Halogen and Silicon free.
  • Always the right size in stock. Bundles from 3 mm to 20 meter.
  • No more band lying around.
  • High quality synthetic band.
  • Can be used everywhere - ideal for working on “relocations”.
T850120Cable Fixer band white15 m per roll
T850150Cable Fixer clips white10 sticks / 20 pcs. per stick
T850220Cable Fixer band black15 m per roll
T850250Cable Fixer clips black10 sticks / 20 pcs. per stick
T850300Cable Fixer PRO white1 pc.
T850400Cable Fixer PRO black1 pc.

Band width: 4.6 mm.
Band length: rolls of 15 and 100 m.
Material: UV-resistant (black) polyamide PA6
Colour: black/white
Halogen and Silicon free
Tensile strength: 15kg
Temperature resistance: -40°C to +70°C.
Clips: on handy load strips, 20 pieces per load.

  • fixing of cables inside and outside
  • bundling and fixing of wires, cables, hoses in installations, machines, cars, motorbikes, bicycles, boats, etc.
  • closing of bags
  • binding up of plants
  • hi-fi and computer cables
  • bundling of packages