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B1 FOAM meets the fire resistance class B1, which is the best fire resistance classification that can be obtained for a PU-foam. B1 FOAM has a high insulating value, thermic as well as acoustic, and meets all noise standards to 57 db. B1 FOAM has an excellent adhesive power to most materials. B1 FOAM has a high form stability; no shrinkage or post-expansion.

  • Accurate dosing.
  • No after-expansion.
  • Controlled expansion.
  • High form stability, shrink-proof.
  • Applicable at temperatures to -10°C.
  • Excellent mounting characteristics.
  • Perfect adhesion to most materials.
  • Corresponds to building classification B1.
Article nrNameContent
N670505B1 Foam750ml
N670901Pro Foam Gun1pc.
N670902Foam Gun1pc.

Base material: polyurethane.
Consumption: the content is sufficient for 40 m open sprayed joints (joint size 2 x 5 cm).
Curing time: +/- 60 minutes.
Non-adherence of surfaces: 9 - 11 minutes.
Cutting of foam thickness of: 30 - 35 minutes, 20 mm.
Apparent particle density: 17 - 19 g/l.
Heat conductivity: 0.035 W/mk (thermal conductivity).
Adherence: adheres to almost all surfaces, excepted from polyethylene, polypropylene, PTFE, some very smooth surfaces and synthetic materials.
Classification fire resistance: B1, according to DIN-norm 4102 - difficult inflammable.
Sound insulation: < 57 db.
Shear strength: 4,0 N/cm².
Temperature resistance: - 40°C to +110°C.
Processing: the temperature of the product has to be at least 5°C, the temperature of the surface has to be between -10°C and +35°C.
Shelf life: 12 months, keep dry, cool and frost-proof.
Safety measures: consult the Safety Data Sheet.

  • mounting fireproof doors and windows
  • fire and smoke preventing sealant between walls, floors and ceilings
  • sealing all holes in roof structures
  • applying a sound insulating layer
  • optimizing insulation in cold-storage technique
  • mounting doors, window frames, panels, windows, ... in plastic, aluminium, wood, metal
  • sealing of connections to roofs, walls, ship floors and ceilings, skylights, brickwork, ...
  • insulation of pipes
  • filling of walls, joints, ...
  • insulating parts of a construction against heat, cold and air flow
  • filling of connecting joints between e.g. window frames, skylights and brickwork
  • filling of hollow spaces, e.g. cavity walls, holes in concrete, cavities in corrugated sheets, drilled holes in walls, ...
  • ideal as sound insulation and to prevent a thermal bridge
  • mounting of parts for which fire retarding is important